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ccInstruct Terms of Service

Last Updated: 29 March 2023

1. User Obligations
a. All Users:
ccInstruct has the sole purpose of aiding teachers, students, and parents in their respective roles with respect to a student’s education. In doing so, it is necessary that information be gathered from users pertinent to that objective. ccInstruct is committed to maintaining the integrity and security of this data, and requires all users to adhere to the following:
i. Agree to allow ccInstruct to store and use their data, and if they are a parent or legal guardian of a student user, their child’s data, with the understanding that it will only be used with a clear educational objective, and in compliance with the ccInstruct privacy policy.
ii. Never disclose any other user’s data, especially their Personally Identifiable Information, except to educational employees that have a legitimate education need to the data, to the parents and legal guardians who have a right to their child’s data, and to the user to whom the data pertains.
iii. Agree to only use ccInstruct data and functions for the legitimate educational purposes pertaining to their role, and in a manner consistent with the ccInstruct privacy policy.
iv. Report any known or suspected mis-use or unauthorized use of ccInstruct or the information it contains.
v. Report any circumstance or incidence of information being displayed or accessible through ccInstruct when it should not be, such as having access to another user’s data in error, to the end that ccInstruct can correct any such errors and secure all data.
b. Teachers and other Educators:
Teachers and Other Educators must adhere to the following additional obligations:
i. To never use ccInstruct tools as a way to gather data on a student or any other user that does not have a clear educational objective alone.
ii. To never use communication tools provided within ccInstruct for any purpose other than that which has a clear education objective alone.
c. Students
Students must adhere to the following additional obligations:
i. Agree to only submit data, information, or pictures to ccInstruct that are relevant to their education and is consistent with the reasonable educational expectations of individual assignments given by their teachers.
ii. To never post any material that would be consdiered inappropriate or objectionable according to their classroom and school standards.
iii. To never post information or comments about another student, unless that information is part of a teacher’s educational objectives pertaining to a group assignment.

2. ccInstruct Obligations
a. ccInstruct is committed to adhere to its privacy policy, to only use the data it collects for educational purposes, and to maintain the highest standards of security pertaining to user data.
b. ccInstruct retains the rights to suspend any users account who is suspected of violating these Terms of Service until such time as an investigation can be conducted.
c. ccInstruct retains the rights to terminate any users account who has bound found to willfully violate these Terms of Service.
d. ccInstruct shall not be held responsible for the mis-use of its products or services so long as it makes every reasonable effort to adhere to its privacy policy and these terms of service.

ccInstruct Privacy Policy
ccInstruct Terms of Service